CASLO XXIII Round Summary and Scenario List

In CASLO XXIII, players will have the choice to play in one of three tournaments: the CASLO, the Mini and the Big Ones Mini.

The CASLO is the main 5-round (2 Fri, 2 Sat, 1 Sun) tournament that most players will wish to participate in. For those looking for something different, two Mini options will be offered. The first is simply, as in previous years, a smaller, shorter version of the CASLO; 3 rounds (2 Sat, 1 Sun) with different scenario choices on the Saturday. The Mini is ideal for those unavailable for the Friday but still wanting to be part of CASLO. The second Mini, the Big Ones Mini, is a new option with two rounds (1 Fri, 1 Sat). Each round will last all day and the scenario choices are all large, meaty scenarios. An ideal choice for those looking for something different and who like bigger scenarios.

March 16 Update: For those choosing either of the two Mini options, open gaming will be available on those days when no Mini Round is scheduled (Friday for the Mini, Sunday for the Big Ones Mini.

A description of each tournament round follows along with the list of the scenario options for each round. Detailed Scenario Packages will be issued to registered players shortly, along with a CASLO Tournament Information Package.


Round 1: The Fat Lady Sings

All of the scenarios in the first round take place in March–May 1945, as the War in Europe comes to an end. But it’s not all monster AFVs and special weapons. Tin cans show up in use-all-available-tools gun fights. Captured weapons are central to 3 of scenarios. Second line troops and Partisans play their parts as occupied countries rise up to help their liberators while the Third Reich tries to land its last punches. Whether it’s the best versus the best or the rest versus the rest these scenarios will require players to know their strengths and find their opponent’s weaknesses. Can players get every little bit out of their OBs to land a victory?

  • ELC04         Dragoons, Parachutistes, and the Dutch Resistance
  • FrF76           Pain in the Neck
  • FrF100         Deutsch Lesson
  • SP259          Corridor to Extinction
  • V24             Eagles Against Lions

Round 2: Canada

The scenarios in this round feature Canadians. The scenarios cover Canadian attacks in Italy, starting in December ’43, and across France, with a final scenario seeing them defend against a German counterattack in the last months of the war. Sturmtigers, Kangaroos, Crocodiles, Deluxe boards, HASL maps, HIPsters, OBA and Mines are just some of the ingredients that players will mix together in search of victory. For the scenario that uses a HASL map, special CASLO rules are provided for this particular action. These rules are not especially complicated but should be reviewed closely beforehand. Will playing the Canadian side give players a home field advantage?

  • MWT7         The Streets of Carpiquet
  • ELC03          Kangaroos in Louisendorf
  • HS32            A Few Rounds
  • CASLO2       The Only Safe Place
  • CDN17         Heart of Oak

Round 3: Gurkhas

Five scenarios using Gurkhas, the fearsome and ferocious Nepalese soldiers of whom it has been said that “if a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is a Gurkha.”

Set in Italy, Tunisia and Burma, against German, Italian and Japanese forces, these scenarios require the Gurkhas to attack in close quarters, hold their ground, and carry out fighting withdrawals. Three of the scenarios are set in PTO terrain. While several are quite small, two of them feature 15-20 squads per side. Let’s find out if it is okay for Gurkhas to bring a knife to a gunfight!

  • FrF65          War Ensemble
  • SP242          Ciao Gurkha Ciao!
  • CH97           Final Crisis at Blackpool
  • SP80            Die Gurkha Die!
  • ASL156        Broken Bamboo

Round 4: Tin Cans

From the first weeks of the war to September ’42, these scenarios feature 8 different nationalities, each trying to use their underwhelming AFVs to secure victory. Tin Cans abound in battles on 3 continents: players will need to use their vehicular rules expertise and tactics at every turn. And there’s more: air support, PTO, simultaneous setup, OBA, and armor leaders give players different choices to achieve their missions. Several are quite large and will receive an extra hour of time. Nonetheless they are not recommended for slow players. Which players will get the most from the least?

  • J130            The Art of Dying
  • WO22          The Cost of Non-Compliance
  • TAC44          Lebanese Drama
  • BoF2            A Polish Requiem
  • BFP35          Mai Phu

Round 5: Something New

The scenarios in this round all come from recent products. Two are from new HASL releases and feature special SSRs which are included. These rules are not especially complicated but should be reviewed closely beforehand. Two of the scenarios take place during the Korean War and require Forgotten War counters. Late War and beyond weaponry features in four of the scenarios while the fifth is an all-infantry pitched battle in the factories of Stalingrad. Players will need to understand the new terrain and new weapons to be effective. Who will rise to the challenge and create a path to victory over new ground?

  • FrF98          Amerikanskaya Suka
  • ASL216       Centurions Reverse!
  • HF6             Jackpot Jones
  • RPT148       ROK on a Roll
  • RO3             Defenders of Stalingrad

The Mini

Mini Round 1: Classics I

The scenarios in this round are all proven ASL classics with hundreds of recorded plays each. Discover why players everywhere have delighted in these battles, which showcase the diversity of ASL. Will players at CASLO find new ways to make an old dog bite?

  • ASL77        Le Herrison
  • RB3             Bread Factory #2
  • A70             Wintergewitter
  • ASL153      Totsugeki!
  • A59             Death at Carentan

Mini Round 2: Classics II

This round features more of the same as Classics I. Five scenarios with great reputations ready to challenge any players. Several are quite large and will receive an extra hour of time. Nonetheless they are not recommended for slow players. All are late War, from Aug ’44 on. Tigers, Panthers, Goliaths, Crocodiles, the SS, Russian Guards and OBA are all in the mix. Will tried and true approaches work one more time?

  • WCW7        Eye of the Tiger
  • A109           Scouts Out
  • A25             Cold Crocodiles
  • J1                Urban Guerillas
  • ASL135       Acts of Defiance

Mini Round 3: Something New

This round features the same scenarios as in the CASLO Round 5 (see previously). Having played two rounds of Classic ASL scenarios, players will need to switch gears and be ready for Something New.

  • FrF98          Amerikanskaya Suka
  • ASL216       Centurions Reverse!
  • HF6             Jackpot Jones
  • RPT148       ROK on a Roll
  • RO3             Defenders of Stalingrad

The Big Ones Mini

Big Ones Mini Round 1

The scenarios in this round are big and proud of it. Rather than play 2 scenarios per day, players will choose one large scenario: more choice, more toys and more things that can go wrong. Three of the scenarios are set around the Mediterranean: Greece, Italy and Libya, yet one has ground snow! Another one uses a HASL Map, Bombardments and over 50 squads. As the day wears on, will stamina and concentration prove to be the best skills of all?

  • TAC53          Pyrrhic Victory
  • CASLO4       Valour at Casa Berardi
  • A117            Maggot Hill
  • ASL37          Khamsin
  • SP72            One Tough Canuck

Big Ones Mini Round 2

Back for more, the scenarios in this round are even bigger than Round 1.  From a massive urban brawl in the streets of Shanghai, to a sweeping tank assault on the Russian plains and then back to late War Soviet push into Budapest; this round will get the blood flowing. Which players will best manage all their tools and avoid costly mistakes and tactical lapses?

  • BFP29          Hueishan Docks
  • J19              Merzenhousen Zoo
  • BFP77          Burning Down the House
  • GD-A           To the Last Man
  • A98             Crossing the Gniloi Tikitsch

My thanks to Adrian Earle,  two time CASLO winner, for his tremendous help in selecting these scenarios. I am sure players will enjoy the diversity and challenge these matchups offer.

– Doug Rimmer, CASLO XXIII Tournament Director

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  1. After 12 years away from the game, I like the new format. I am looking forward to downloading the scenarios.

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