Twenty-two players gathered for our first post-pandemic face-to-face tournament, which was held in Montréal. Michael Rodgers organized it; David Garvin ran it.

Dice And Other Awards

2’s – Blake Ball 23

12’s – Darren Kovacs and Steve Pleva 20 (Darren won with roll off)

SAN – Jonathan Kay 29

ROF – George Hiotis with 9 rates

CC award – Darren Kovacs +13

Good Sportsman award – Blair Bellamy lost all matches and played in all 5 rounds


Scenario NameAllied Player NameResultAxis Player NameResult
DB164 Try At TrentlehofSteve PlevaWonChuck TewksburyLoss
DB164 Try At TrentlehofJean-Francois FortinLossBlake BallWon
DB164 Try At TrentlehofJean-Pierre RaymondWonAndy BeatonLoss
DB164 Try At TrentlehofJeff WassermanWonAndrew YoungLoss
DB164 Try At TrentlehofBlair BellamyLossFrancois GueretteWon
FT213 Up the Liri ValleyDoug RimmerLossGeorge YoungWon
FT213 Up the Liri ValleyDino LimosaniWonNick FarynaLoss
FT213 Up the Liri ValleyGeorge KaloxilosLossJonathan KayWon
LSSAH2 They Stop Here!Darren KovacsWonGeorge HiotisLoss
LSSAH2 They Stop Here!Martin MarquisWonErik LindbladLoss
LSSAH2 They Stop Here!Andre EscobedoLossBruce StevensonWon


Scenario NameAllied Player Name
Axis Player Name
AP157 TRAP BY MISHAPAndre Escobedo (Rus)WonAndy BeatonLoss
AP157 TRAP BY MISHAPJonathan KayWonDino Limonsani (Finn)Loss
AP163 DINGOES AT DAMOURErik LindbladLossGeorge HiotisWon
AP163 DINGOES AT DAMOURBlake BallWonGeorge YoungLoss
AP163 DINGOES AT DAMOURSteve PlevaWonDoug RimmerLoss
AP163 DINGOES AT DAMOURDarren KovacsWonMartin MarquisLoss
AP176 ALWAYS READYJeff WassermanWonFrancois GueretteLoss
HF4 LIEHR LAUNCHES FIRSTChuck TewksburyLossJean-Francois FortinWon
HF4 LIEHR LAUNCHES FIRSTBlair BellamyLossAndrew YoungWon
HF4 LIEHR LAUNCHES FIRSTJean-Pierre RaymondWonBruce StevensonLoss
HF4 LIEHR LAUNCHES FIRSTNick FarynaLossGeorge KaloxilosWon


Scenario NameAllied Player Name
Axis Player Name
AP142 THE CLOSERAndrew YoungWonBruce StevensonLoss
AP142 THE CLOSERJean-Pierre RaymondLossBlake BallWon
AP142 THE CLOSERFrancois GueretteLossGeorge YoungWon
RPT139 MAULED AT MERDORPDarren KovacsWonJeff WassermanLoss
RPT139 MAULED AT MERDORPErik LindbladLossDoug RimmerWon
RPT139 MAULED AT MERDORPBlair BellamyLossAndy BeatonWon
RPT139 MAULED AT MERDORPChuck TewksburyLossNick FarynaWon
RPT139 MAULED AT MERDORPDino LimonsaniWonJean-Francois FortinLoss
RPT139 MAULED AT MERDORPJonathan KayLossSteve PlevaWon
RPT139 MAULED AT MERDORPMartin MarquisWonGeorge KaloxilosLoss
RPT139 MAULED AT MERDORPAndre EscobedoWonGeorge HioitsLoss


Scenario NameAllied Player Name
Axis Player Name
BFP140 IRON GREETINGBlake BallWonDarren KovacsLoss
BFP140 IRON GREETINGBlair BellamyLossErik LindbladWon
BFP140 IRON GREETINGMartin MarquisWonAndre EscobedoLoss
BoF08 STING OF THE ITALIAN HORNETGeorge YoungLossJonathan KayWon
HazMo01 BORN AGAINSteve PlevaWonJean-Pierre RaymondLoss
HazMo01 BORN AGAINDoug RimmerWonAndy BeatonLoss
HF2 BERTOLDO THE BRAVENick FarynaWonGeorge HiotisLoss
HF2 BERTOLDO THE BRAVEJean-Francois FortinWonFrancois GueretteLoss
HF2 BERTOLDO THE BRAVEBruce StevensonWonGeorge KaloxilosLoss
HF2 BERTOLDO THE BRAVEDino LimosaniLossJeff WassermanWin


Scenario NameAllied Player Name
Axis Player Name
FT259 ALCAZAR!Bruce StevensonWonNick FarynaLoss
FT259 ALCAZAR!Martin MarquisLossJeff WassermanWon
FT259 ALCAZAR!Jean-Francois FortinWonJean-Pierre RaymondLoss
GD9 TASTE OF BLOODDarren KovacsWonJonathan KayLoss
GD9 TASTE OF BLOODSteve PlevaWonBlake BallLoss
GD9 TASTE OF BLOODDino LimosaniWonGeorge YoungLoss
WO33 ONE-EYED JACQUESAndy BeatonWonErik LindbladLoss
WO33 ONE-EYED JACQUESAndre EscobedoWonDoug RimmerLoss
WO33 ONE-EYED JACQUESBlair BellamyLossGeorge HiotisWin