CASLO XXV has some great prizes up for grabs.

After play is completed, players will get to choose their prize in rank order of finish.

From the Cellar 9: LFT

From the Cellar 9: LFT

Combat History of the 653. Schwere Panzerjäger Abteilung: LCP

Panzer Aces 2: LCP

3-player Pack: March Madness ASL

Full Rule book ASL: ASL March Madness

Action Pack 16: MMP

Out of the Attic #2

Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #4

Winter Offensive Bonus Pack #5

To the Bridge! ASL Action Pack #9

General magazine, Volume 28, Number 1

$35.00: Lone Canuck

$20.00: Lone Canuck

$25.00: Bounding Fire

$50.00: Slitherine

$40.00: Slitherine

$30.00: Slitherine