CASLO XXIV Round Summary and Scenario List

For CASLO XXIV, there will be several options for play.

MAIN: This will be a five-round tournament with 2 games on Friday, 2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.

MINI: A number of four-player, three-round, round-robin tournaments. Each mini will be themed.

ASL SK: Starter Kit players are welcome!  There is a nominal $10.00 fee, offset by CASLA membership and early registration!  There will be mentored play with the aim to not only learn the game but to have fun.


Round 1:

J 181The Deadly Line
ANZAC 99.2Die Weisse Holle
FrF 23Elephants Unleashed
BFP 101Panzer Spirit
RPT 3Varosmajor Grange

Round 2:

1Fighting Withdrawal
J 32Panzer Graveyard
J 62Lee’s Charge
23Under the Noel Trees

Round 3:

ANZAC 2000.3The Ardennes Abbey
CDN 15Sweet Revenge
CDN 27Help is on the way, hold on
J 175Bedburg Bite
MLR 1Hana-Saku

Round 4:

FT 04Retour a la case depart
J 41By Ourselves
FrF 27Cocktails for Molotov
SV 4Frivilligkompani Benckert
RBF – 40King’s Gambit

Round 5:

TAC 52L’Armee du bout du monde
FrF 86Belgian Tigers
G7Bring up the Guns
FT 91Ne pas subir
J 433rd RTR in the Rain