CASLO XXIV Round Summary and Scenario List

These are the scenarios for the Main Tournament. It is five rounds and will run from Friday to Sunday.

Round 1:

J 181The Deadly Line
ANZAC 99.2Die Weisse Hölle
FrF 23Elephants Unleashed
BFP 101Panzer Spirit
RPT 3Varosmajor Grange

Round 2:

1Fighting Withdrawal
J 32Panzer Graveyard
J 62Lee’s Charge
23Under the Noel Trees

Round 3:

ANZAC 2000.3The Ardennes Abbey
CDN 15Sweet Revenge
CDN 27Help is on the way, hold on
J 175Bedburg Bite
MLR 1Hana-Saku

Round 4:

FT 04Retour a la case depart
J 41By Ourselves
FrF 27Cocktails for Molotov
SV 4Frivilligkompani Benckert
RBF – 40King’s Gambit

Round 5:

J 69The Army at the Edge of the World
FrF 86Belgian Tigers
G7Bring up the Guns
FT 91Ne pas subir
J 433rd RTR in the Rain

These are the scenarios for the Mini Tournaments. Each mini tournament will be 3 rounds and will have four players in each. The rounds will see 2 matches on Saturday and one on Sunday. Each mini tournament is themed and is round-robin; each player will play 3 matches and the champions will be awarded on Sunday.

Balkan Medley Mini Tournament

Round 1

ASLUG 15Mount Pissodderi
HG 4Cohort and the Phalanx
Q5Drive to Ioannina

Round 2

A 28The Professionals
PBP 22Morire in Belleza
ASL 28Ambush!

Round 3

J 109Break for Hungary
PB-CH [c]Balkan Dawn
J 48Blood Enemies

USA! All the Way! Mini Tournament

Round 1

OA 31With Friends like These
ASL 178Niscemi-Biscari Highway
J 51Canicatti

Round 2

ASL 186L’Abbaye Blanche
X 10Distinguished Service
ASL 181Gavin Take

Round 3

DB 135The Krinkelterwald
J 156Mageret Mixer
ASL 201Hunters from the Sky

Hunting Shadows Mini Tournament

Round 1

J 85Ptichin’ In
OA 27Long Range Recon
31The Old Town (updated version)

Round 2

A 23Contest in the Clouds
AD 1L’école normale
FT 264Hands off the Loot

Round 3

230Prelude to Dying
O 87.2Partisan Keep
DB 121Grave Situation

Pacific Theatre of Operations Mini

Round 1

J 189Buckley’s Block
DB 136The Block on the Trail to Hell
ASL 67Cibik’s Ridge

Round 2

ASL 145Shanghai in Flames
BoF 1The Marco Polo Bridge Incident
AP 54800 Heroes

Round 3

AP 86Milling About
J 46Strongpoint 11
DB 104The Police Station

Early War Mini

Round 1: Tour de France

FT 91Ne Pas Subir
J 183A Real Barn Burner
ASL 231In Front of the Storm

Round 2: Low Countries

FrF 86Belgian Tigers
G7Bring up the Guns
RBF 40King’s Gambit

Round 3: The BEF

J 433rd RTR in the Rain
J 67The Lawless Road
J 66Sound Retreat