CASLO XXV Scenario List (2021)

Round 1:

A112Gift of Time
AP131Crickets in Spring
BFP119Real Steel
BFP51Kwajalein Crush
LSSAH47Turning Point

Round 2:

203Hard RoK
AP55The Generalissimo’s Own
FrF42Kiss of Fury
J142Penny Packets
J167Hart Attack

Round 3:

AP89To the Pain
J74Priests on the Line
MP12A Worthy Adversary
RPT167Meatchoppers with Knives

Round 4:

CDN2Drive the Canadians on Hard
FT245Ciao Cina!
J193Raff’s Rules
OA29The Amy H

Round 5:

AP100Coal in their Stockings
BFP118Kazina Klash
J191Rebels Without A Pause
J50The Cactus Farm
SP241Esebeck’s Pursuit