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Download the CASLO XXI Scenario List pdf to see the scenarios of 2017.

Pre-Registrants will be given a link (with a Username and Password) to a website; at the site you’ll be able access an electronic copy of the scenarios for personal use during the XXI CASLO.

Got a question about one of the scenarios? Need a clarification? Post it as a comment here (your comment will appear after receiving approval) and we’ll put up a reply as soon as we can.

11 thoughts on “Scenarios

  1. Scenario Errata: Reference CASLO Tournament Round 1, Scenario 5 – LSSAH #5 Opening Fire;
    SSR 1 should read: EC are Moist with Mist (E3.32) and No Wind at Game Start….

  2. George, in FF10, Blackjack is Back!, (1) is the stream frozen; and (2) is the German Balance correct (according to the scenario card, the Americans win with less CVP (24) than in the normal Victory Conditions (30)?

    1. Doug, (1) the Stream is Frozen on account of Ground Snow being in effect; (2) Nothing in official Errata; however, examining the Victory Conditions and comparing them to the German/American Balance; I will decree that in the German Balance; the Americans must earn >= 34 CVP to win.

  3. ERRATA UPDATE: PBP 22 Morire in Belleza
    Errata (CH) There should be 2x 8-0 SMC, not three, in the Yugoslavian OB. In the Balance (ABS) Y1 should be “Delete 5x ? counters'”(not eight).

  4. George, in SP23 Assault on the Hotel Continental, in Round 4, must the German player place the rubble counters within his setup area or can they be placed anywhere on the map?

    1. Doug, I’ve searched for any errata on this scenario and have come up empty; therefore, I am ruling that the Rubble can be placed anywhere on the map.

  5. Chris,
    There is an example with scenarios; in it describes that ABS comes into effect, only when both sides want to play the same side in the scenario; otherwise, there is No Balance. Now there maybe other version, however, at this year’s CASLO, we will use the listed original ABS version.

  6. My understanding of ABS is that each player must bid for a side. IIRC, there is only one instance where no handicap is in play, namely when both sides bid 0, regardless of which side they bid. Otherwise, some measure of handicap will always be in play.

    For example, if Doug bids I2, and George bids G0, Doug would play with the Italians with the I2 handicap, while George would play the Greeks as printed, i.e. without any handicap. Had George bid I1 instead, he would still play the Greeks as printed, while Doug would play the Italians with the I2 handicap. Have I got that right?

    There is an explanation of how ABS works included with Action Packs 6, 8, and 9.

  7. For scenario ASLUG15 Mount Pissoderi in Round 2, are the ABS (handicap) provisions used automatically or only if both players bid the same side?

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