Confirmed for this year: VASL!

CASLO XXIV will be run entirely online!

Enter Game Results in seconds

First introduced in 2015, CASLO’s electronic tools allow players to enter game results with 10 quick clicks/taps. Select scenario, players, results. Submit. Players can use any device with a web browser and internet connection to enter results but need not bring their own device as sufficient devices will be available in the game room. No more paper form to complete.

All game results are viewable in real time on personal devices once entered. Round match-ups are sent electronically via email to enable faster scenario choice and more time to play. Results and match-ups are available in the game room at all times.

Play on VASL

Players must play their games on VASL (VASSAL 3.2.17 and VASL 6.4.4).  Any chat service will do (Skype, Discord, Telephone).  CASLO will provide the VASL set up files, less OOB (due to ownership issue of counters, etc, players will have to build their own OOB).

In order to ensure compatibility with the files prepared for CASLO, you must have the following extension installed on VASL:

If you wish to play the scenario with the Swedish Volunteers, you will need this extension:

To add an extension, download the file and save it in a location you will remember. Then open VASSAL.  Select VASL and right click it and then select “Add extension”.  Then navigate to where you saved it.  That’s all!

Player Information Package (PIP)

An electronic Player Information Package will be provided to each registered player containing:

  • Round-by-Round lists of Scenarios
  • Scenario cards for each scenario
  • Additional information required for each scenario where applicable (scenario adjustments, SSR clarification, additional rules)
  • VASL setup file (.vsav) for each scenario