RoundChapterIDScenario Name
1A, BTAC02Between the Hammer and the Anvil
1A, BSP 201Doppleganger
1A, B1Fighting Withddrawal
1A, BAP8A Bloody Harvest
1A, B126Commando Schenke
2CCDN 15Sweet Revenge
2C184Death at Carentan
2C188Zon with the Wind
2CFrF 33Under the Northern Light
2C48Toujours L’audace
3DFE 79Motorcycle Probe
3DJ 100For a few rounds more
3DAP52Into Vienna Woods
3D231In Front of the Storm
3DSP 173Der Letzte Geburtstag
4EFE 85Danish Pride
4EO 108.2To the Ferry
4ESP 44Sufferin’ Sudfrankreich
4E101Throwing Down the Gauntlet
4ECH 77Drop Zone A
5GJ 116Brigade Hill
5VVotG 9Eviction Notice
5F51The Taking of Takrouna
5W208The Grist Mill
5G, TBRT 1The Hawk

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